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Currently in the Research and Development stage.  
My name is Timothy Meisner and I have a vision of farming in the near future.
Currently there are many hurdles to producing a top crop. The overhead expense is staggering between costs of insurance for crop and equipment, costs related to herbicides and pesticides, fertilizer and innoculants, equipments costs and maintenance.
Many people don't realize that a farmers expense per acre of crop can range from
$15,000 - $30,000/acre with all that overhead.  
At the end of the day this translates to a lot of worry, a lot of time, and a lot of hope that this year's crop is a good one.  
An average  profit of  $50 an acre isn't that much when you consider the exhausting effort put into growing food for you and your family.
Organics can cost even more to produce. The yields are lower and the crops are even more dependant on nature's grace.
The world's population is over 7 Billion people.  Between 1810 and 1912 (100 years) the population increased 1 Billion...sounds like a lot, however the sad truth is that we are growing exponentially now.  From 1998-2011 (10 years) the population increase was another Billion.  
At this rate we will see 10 Billion by 2035.  
It has been suggested by the UN that our planet's consumption puts agricultural land usage over 80% used.  This means that around 10-11 Billion we will see at minimum 100% usage....the globe turns third world.
With this vision of future farming that I have, it would be possible to grow nearly a 1/4 section on 2 acres.  The amount of water needed would be 70% less, potential for 2 crops a year, up to 10x the yield of conventional farming, organic and off grid aspects.
Grains would be more available to impoverished countries, crops could be grown where little water exists, or soils deplete of their minerals quickly.  
For the grower you could see a potential of more than $50/acre.  I believe that as a grower you could see a potential of $1000/acre.
Currently I am looking for investors, whether that be financial investment or physical investment.
Thank you,
Timothy Meisner,
MeiVission Agriculture sustainable agriculture organic crop vertical farming

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HHigh Costs, Low Yields and Efficiency, Always at Nature's Mercy... These are just a few hard truths to gitner'done.

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Low Cost, High Yields and Efficiency, and to Never Hope on the Weather

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Organic Crop, 5-10x Yield, Off Grid, 1/4 section on as little as 2-4 acres, Perfect Crop Every Crop, potential for 2 crops per year.

But HOW you ask?

In structures 200' tall by 400' long and wide.  These structures will contain the mechanics to plant and harvest a crop, while maintaining quality product.  In a medium duty enclosure the atmosphere can be controlled and tuned to the crop of choosing

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